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Palafox Solutions Group is a professional consulting and training services provider offering a wide range of services and training to federal, state and local Law Enforcement customers as well as our exclusive weapons line manufactured in Crestview Florida. Palafox Solutions Group specializes in providing turnkey solutions to ensure complete operation success of its clients. Palafox Solutions Group is driven to provide unmatched; consulting and training for our nation's SWAT Operators and First Responders. In an ever-changing world, mission preparation and training are essential to success and Palafox Solutions Group is at the forefront. A mix of Special Operations Forces Operators, Law Enforcement and SWAT founded us. Palafox Solutions Group is a leader in integrated training and security solutions for operations in austere environments and situations. Please visit our website at here for training and consulting information.

Palafox Solutions Group Weapons are created and assembled at our Precision Tactical Facility in Crestview Florida. Our close relationship to the aerospace industry in Huntsville Alabama allows for increased capacity for extremely large orders. Equipped with state-of-the-art 5 axis machines, our entire line can be rapidly stepped up to match demand.

Currently, Palafox produces 3 rifle/carbine lines as well as a licensed upgrade to the Sig Sauer P-226. All PSG carbines are based on Gene Stoner’s timeless AR platform design, still the most widely used weapon in todays LE and MilSOF community. All weapons are offered in one of four custom finish colors: Black, Distressed Titanium, Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and Distressed FDE.

We offer individual weapons or complete kits with industry leading Magpull™, Aimpoint™, Proof Research™, Bushnell™, and Pelican™ accessories.